Argos Temporary Wedding Ring

As you all know I got a new job just before Christmas. I work in a hospital as a Healthcare Assistant, which obviously means I have to comply with a strict uniform code. This includes not wearing a wedding ring with stones in. It was with great sadness I removed my wedding ring with its seven little diamonds on that first day.

Luckily I had managed to find a solution, of sorts. I got myself down to my local Argos and paid just under £40 for a 9ct Gold wedding ring. Sure, it’s not as pretty as my usual ring, but I just wanted to keep it in a box in my work bag and only wear it for ward shifts.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to the beginning of January and I noticed something strange. The ring had a huge crack in it, and part of the metal had broken off leaving a hole in the ring (no, not the hole your finger goes through!). Considering the most strenuous part of my job involves bed-bathing immobile patients I was very surprised. Surely this must be a faulty product?

I got myself back to Argos where I was told that I had obviously ‘mis-used’ the product. Because of course, a wedding ring can be misused. Still, they agreed to send it off to be assessed by experts, just in case it was faulty.

It took two weeks for a response and I was told that the ‘experts’ agreed with the shop – not a faulty product. I was advised that the ring is made of thin metal and not really meant for every day wear. Yes you read that right. A wedding ring  which is not designed for everyday wear. As it goes I had only worn this ring about 12 times but still, what an odd thing to say!

I argued that if that was their stance then they are selling a product which is not fit for purpose. By its very nature a wedding ring is an everyday item.

So now what? Well for starters I don’t have a ring to wear at work. My jewellery box has a sad little cracked ring sitting in it and I’m £40 out of pocket.

What do I want? I want my money back. So come on Argos, what are you going to do about it?!

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  1. Reenie’s avatar

    It’s no longer fit for purpose so with the sales of good act of 1979 you can get a refund with proof of purchase :)


    1. Ali’s avatar

      They are arguing that it is fit for purpose and that I have somehow damaged it via mis-use! Having a big argument on their FB page now, with the help of a friend who is a shop manager and knows all this legal gubbins.


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