Clutter, clutter everywhere!


We’re a household full of clutter and mess. I get it from my Mum, as does my husband, but in totally different ways. My Mum was the messiest person ever, her house looked like she’d been burgled. Matt on the other hand has a mother who tidied his room for him, washed his clothes and cleared his plates. Unfortunately this means that neither of us is brilliant at keeping our house tidy. There’s the odd burst of activity but I can’t even remember a time when the whole house was tidy, except maybe the day we moved in, before all our stuff arrived.

Once again I have decided that enough is enough. I really want to decorate our house but can’t even think about that until it is in some sort of order. I have decided to start a little project, I shall call it “Project 7″. Odd name huh? Well there are seven rooms in my house, each of which needs sorting out. Plus, projects with numbers just sound way cooler.

So where will I start? Well, I think I’ll start with my bedroom as that’s kind of the root of the problem. We’re crap at keeping up with the laundry and it all just kind of gets chucked on the floor in there. That means there’s no room for all the things which should be in my room, which means they end up all over the house, making other rooms messy, meaning there’s no room for the things which are meant to be in them so stuff is just EVERYWHERE!

I’ll take some time tomorrow to get some photos of my room so you can see just what I’m dealing with. I’ll make a plan, a list of tasks. Hell, seeing as it’s “Project 7″ how about dividing the room into seven tasks?! Yes! That idea rocks. Little bite-sized chunks of de-cluttering to follow…

Are you a cluttered household? Have you found a way to manage the situation? I need help!

(PS – the photo on this post isn’t actually my house!)


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    This is a sort of non comment! There is a brilliant book that will change your life where clutter is concerned but…….it is in York and I can’t seem to find the exact one on Amazon….will tell you when I find it.


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