DIY Roller Derby Toe Snouts


Having just spent a small fortune on new Derby skates I don’t want to scuff them up doing taps and falls. Most people have either strips of leather or a full snout on their skates to protect them so I thought I’d join in!


There are some really super cool ready made ones about but I’m trying not to spend any more money so decided to have a go at making my own. I’m not going to post a pattern as all skates are different. Instead I’m going to show you how to make your own perfectly fitted snouts!

You will need:

Cling film
Gaffa tape
Paper & card
Leather or pleather or vinyl
Sewing machine & thread

Begin by removing your toe stop and then wrapping your boot in clingfilm keeping the nut from your toe stop in place as you go. It’s a bit fiddly, but worth it if you want the perfect form in the end! (I did not do this and had to adjust my pattern later) Once your clingfilm is in place start wrapping strips of gaffa tape round the clingfilm to form your snout. When you’re happy with the coverage you can slide the snout off the boot and trim to a nice shape.






If you’re short on time & supplies you could simply cut your holes for the toe stop and laces and use this as your snout, but we’re going to forge ahead and make something a little more substantial.


Your next job is to make this 3D shape into a 2D piece of fabric. You do this by cutting seams. I made two cuts down the top of the snout, from laces towrd the toes, and two cuts down the sides of the snout along the boot/plate join. You might need to re-tape and re-cut a couple of times to get this perfect, but you’re aiming for something which will lay down flat.




Once you have your shape, trace it onto a piece of paper. Add extra along the seams and cut out. Fold your paper and tape along the seams to (hopefully) form your original snout shape. Try it on for size and make any adjustments needed before snipping the seams and drawing onto card to get your final template.




Now you simply do this again, but with your material! Remember to flip the template over so you have a mirror image for your second snout or it won’t fit your boot.


Cut out your pieces, sew along the seams and trim corners and seams neatly. Leaving your snout inside out slip it over the opposite boot it will end up on to mark the lace and toe stop holes. For the toe stop cut a cross and thread it onto the stem, then attach the nut and fix onto your boot. You’re going to want to adjust the toe stop now as doing it later will mean unlacing your boots – hassle!


Once your toe stop is in place make holes for the laces using the corkscrew, turn the snout right side out and lace up!





You should have yourself some lovely toe snouts ready to scuff up at your next training session. Let me know if you make some of these, I’d love to see how it goes!

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  1. Amiguruthi’s avatar

    You are the best person ever! Just bought some leather and have been looking for a pattern for these before I resorted to bodging my own together – I’d never have thought of cling film and gaffer for the perfect shape! Thank you :D x


    1. Ali’s avatar

      Hope it goes well, mine are still going strong! You might want to write a R & Lon the inside – it’s easy to get them confused when you re-lace your boots and then if you don’t notice until AFTER you’ve finished and have to do it all again… GRRR! x


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