Run Ali, RUN!


So yesterday was the big day, the 2013 Norwich Half Marathon. And you know what? I only went and did it! It was amazing. The atmosphere at the showground was really buzzing and everyone seemed so geared up for it. The weather was beautiful – cold but not a spot of rain and hardly a gust of wind. There was even a point about 5 miles in when I saw some sunshine.

I was running with a friend of mine, Emma, and we set off at a slow and steady pace. She’d also done very little training and very nearly didn’t come. Emma was really struggling from early on but I was intent on staying positive for the both of us and was giving as much support as I could. We ran nearly non-stop to the 5 mile marker, the furthest Emma had ever gone and made it to the half-way point for about 1h 22m. Emma was really struggling with a blister and urged me to go on at my own pace, promising to finish the race no matter what pain she was in! I left her around mile 7 and flew through the next 4 miles, not stopping for water and passing so many people. Taking that first lap easy really gave me the confidence I needed for the second and I was having such a blast. But then during mile 11 I finally hit the wall. The course climbed a bit at that point and I decided to have a little walk. Bad move. As soon as I stopped running every muscle in both legs cramped up. I was in agony and even said to one of the marshalls “This hurts more than breaking your arm!”. I decided to push on as hard as I could and willed my legs to move faster. The last mile was a killer and, being so late finishing there weren’t even many people left to cheer me on!


On the last stretch I saw another friend a little way ahead of me. Seeing Reenie gave me the little shove I needed for the finish and I sprinted as fast as I could to come home with a chip time of 2:30:24. Not bad for a first half marathon just 10 weeks after breaking a bone.


This was honestly the best run I have ever had. It was so much fun and despite being incredibly painful I am absolutely going to be doing another one, this time with a bit more training!


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    Well done you! Can’t believe you’re doing another one in February. I’m spending February under a blanket!


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