Pain in the Arse


As much as I am really loving roller derby at the moment, I have to admit it’s a little harder to love when doing anything hurts. Let me take you back to last week so I can properly explain…

In last Monday’s fresh meat training session we learnt the basics of the crossover step. Basically, as you’re going round the corner you cross your legs over, sort of like if you were walking up the stairs sideways. This means you keep your speed up round the corners and need to put far less energy into your skating so you can skate for longer. That’s all very well, but crossing your feet when you have wheels attached to them is not normal!

Suffice to say I hadn’t quite mastered the skill in that session, but I returned to the rink on Thursday evening determined to do it. A few tentative attempts and I could feel my legs crossing more and more. I heard our coach Yours Truly in my head shouting “get lower”, I bent my knees and I bloody well did it! For two whole laps I was speeding round the corners, overtaking people and feeling like a God. Then, disaster. My left toe stop caught on the floor, I stumbled forward. Not wearing any pads I was desperate to not injure my knees and so instinctively leaned backwards to counter the fall. My skates shot out in front of me and I smashed down on my coccyx.

After 5 minutes of shaking and deep breathing I had a choice to make. Go home and probably be too scared to try the step again, or take advantage of all that pain-killing adrenaline and get back out there. I chose the latter. I practiced and practiced until it was just Wild Honey and I left, crossing over like true Brawds.

But since then I have been in agony. Sitting down hurts, standing up hurts, moving between the two hurts. Nothing has ever hurt like this in my whole life. Walking hurts, running hurts, going to the toilet hurts. Seriously, everything hurts.

Against my husband’s advice I still went to practice last night, although I did have a big sponge stuffed down my shorts in case of any falls. Week three of our level one training and I wasn’t the only one suffering. There were bruises, bumps, sprains and even a dislocated shoulder by the end of it. What surprised me is that all this pain has not put off even one person. That’s the great thing about derby – you fall, you get hurt, but you always get back up and give it another go. Maybe we should all think about that next time something goes wrong in other parts of our lives. Giving up might seem easier, but then you won’t get to jump over hurdles on skates will you?

Photo Credit: The JamTarts take on the Infectios Crew

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  1. gina4star’s avatar

    Ouch! Sounds like so much fun but quite painful! Be careful Ali! X


  2. Daddio’s avatar

    Your attitude is in direct contravention of the Hunter family philosophy: “If at first you don’t succeed, give up”! Good girl.


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