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Today was roller derby day for me (YAY!) and I was super excited to go because it had been a while. Our session was a bit earlier than usual this week because our men’s team The Smacksons had there first ever bout. They won by the way. BOOM!

Roller Derby
There were only 6 of us there this week as everyone else was off supporting the boys, and we were lucky enough to have THREE coaches all to ourselves. It was amazing to have such a personal coaching session, the feedback was invaluable and I feel I progressed so much in just a few short hours.

I don’t know about where you are but it has been a gorgeously sunny day here in Norwich, so I was glad to have some new prescription sunnies to wear. I was kindly sent these by Firmoo and am so happy! I’ve been wearing glasses for 18 years and this is the first time I have ever had prescription sunglasses! They were really easy to order (it’s a good idea to have your regular prescription handy, you just copy the numbers across) and arrived very quickly. What do you think of them?!

Firmoo SunglassesI’m also wearing my absolute favourite new leggings which I bought from Golden Unicorn Skate Emporium. Most other people seem to hate them but I just don’t care. Pink, shiny, tight leggings with cat faces on? What’s NOT to like?

Golden Unicorn Leggings

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    I can’t get enough of the leggings. I need some.


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