OOTD: the end of the world

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I went to the pub with my loverly husband last weekend and, thanks to some recent conversations with @jetlbomb, was feeling a bit of a post apocolyptic, end of the world vibe.

I know that when the Zombie invasion begins I’m going to be one of the kick arse crazy b*tches with guns and knives and a lawn-mower. Yeah zombie, eat my metal.

The denim jacket from Next is now my staple item and I truly believe it goes with everything I own. Even my purple shiny prom dress. Which is also suitable for a zombie invasion.

end of the world OOTD

Earrings: Primarche | Jacket: Next | Shorts: New Look (about 10 years ago) | Socks: M&S | Boots: DM’s

It did get a bit chilly for the short shorts later in the evening but luckily I was wearing my magic cider-suit and didn’t feel it. Matt hates the earrings but I love them, especially matched with super-bright MUA eyes and lips. As a true 90′s chick I will always love the DM’s and shorts / short skirt look, it rocks.

C’mon zombies, watcha waiting for?!

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  1. Jess’s avatar

    Those earrings would totally attract all the zombs. Can we do a post-apoc photoshoot soon?


    1. Ali’s avatar

      Yes we can! I think we should do it in Mundesley, I would totally hide out on the coast post-apocalypse.


    2. gina4star’s avatar

      Love it! Really love your new hair al!!! :)


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