Healthy Tip #2


Last year I started planning all of our weekly meals in advance so we could have a variety of tasty, healthy low cost meals. This works out great until it gets to 9pm and you’re peckish. The temptation to grab something unhealthy rather than make yourself something from scratch is huge – crisps, chocolate, pizza & takeaways are all so easy when you’re hungry. So, my healthy tip #2 is

Freeze all your leftovers, even tiny amounts, for emergency meals in minutes

In my freezer I often have:

  • Tiny pots of sauce & leftover soup – I’m talking 100ml or less here. These are great for adding to pasta, noodles, rice or cous cous for a quick, healthy snack.
  • Labeled portions of meals – anything really – pasta bakes, risotto, chilli, bolognese. A quick snack or jacket potato topping is never far away.
  • Small amounts of leftover alcohol – wines & beers mainly. When you want to add some to a dish you won’t need to drink ¾ of a bottle of wine just so it doesn’t go to waste. We’ve all done it, don’t feel bad. Freeze that last little bit and you’ll thank me later!

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