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So tomorrow’s the big day, I’m going back to hospital. Don’t panic, I won’t be a patient this time! I’m taking the first step in a completely new direction and will begin training to become a healthcare assistant at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital. Of course I’m scared and nervous, not least about the 5:30am alarm. I’ve got my outfit ironed and laid out, I’m just about to prepare my packed lunch and will even be getting my breakfast ready for the morning. I’ve got my notebook and pens tucked away in my bag and I think I’m just about ready.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be working from 7 or 8 am until 3 or 4 pm Monday – Friday. Add to this the hour and a bit commute each way, training for my next half marathon and… what was the other thing?… oh yeah, SLEEPING! I’m going to be pretty hectic. The blog is very likely to be neglected in this time so I thought I’d take this opportunity to direct you toward some of my favourite places on t’interweb.

Retrochick’s Advent Calendar

Every day from now until Christmas, Retrochick will be posting a new competition on her blog’s annual Vintage Advent Calendar. That sounds exciting right? The first competition is to win £200 to spend at Dr Martens so I can only imagine what wonders will be coming up over the next 23 days! Remember to check every day for details of the next prizes to be won!

The Feeling Stylish Gift & Style Guides

Lost on what to buy for people this year? No idea what to wear for the Christmas party? Head over to the fantastic fashion and style blog Feeling Stylish for some great ideas.

Gina’s 4Star Life

Whenever I feel like I need a little lift I check out Gina’s lovely blog all about life in Mexico. It sounds pretty frustrating at times, but also so wonderful!

Bunn The Baker on Twitter

I’ll have my mobile throughout my training and, subject to all the relevant information governance and data protection stuff, will keep you all up-to-date throughout on my twitter profile.

So, I’ll see you all on the other side, when I’m a fully trained HCA. Adieu. x

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    Good luck, gorgeous! You’re going to kick butt (not literally, I think that’s against the rules…).


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